CryptoFury Community x Interlude Official Community

⏰ Time: Sep 9th , 5:00 AM UTC
💰 Giveaway : 100$
💎 Place : https://t.me/CryptoFuryCMs

Join thousands of players and hundreds of developers in a global, collaboratively designed scavenger hunt game.

Question for Part 1- Project overview :

Question 1: Could you please introduce yourself and Interlude?

Question 2: What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2021) & 2022?And beyond (long-term goals)?

Question 3: My question is about your long term marketing plans. How, or through which big partnerships do you plan on utilising to pass your product onto the normal consumer — especially non-crypto people?

Question for Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community :

Question 1: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Question 2: To be a great platform for both Investors and for it’s users Transparency and security is important. Can you tell us some details about your transparency (likes team members) and your security mechanism. Have you already completed the audit of your platform?

Question 3: Do you care about local communities to further develop your project? Do you have a plan to create communities or a Global Ambassador Program that will contribute to the development of the your project?

Question 4: Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently?

Question 5: How do plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

Question 1: Without an working products any idea has zero value. We see many projects are on paper only and no product. So, kindly ensure us that your project is just not an idea and it’s already has an working products or practical usecases?

Question 2: Most solid projects with Token utility and good infrastructure but perform poorly because investors dumped after listing on the first exchange. How do you prevent early investors from dumping your tokens?

Question 3: When will the pre-sale list be announced? How many people will be able to attend? How much can we buy? What’s the price going to be? Can you please give me some information?

Question 4: A successful project always has a specific community goal, every project should aim at the end goal of people. What benefits does your project bring to this society and is it sustainable?

Question 5: Do you have new strategic partnerships to announce soon? Do you plan to associate with a big name?

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