📣 Master Coin Community🌎 We are delighted to be holding a special AMA with Findora on Nov 22, 2020 at 11:00 (GMT + 7)

Findora enables assets of any nature — dollar, bitcoin, equity, debt and derivatives. Its mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases, providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency of other blockchains.

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RECAP AMA : Master Coin Community🌎 & Findora

Wuan Zu : Hello

Hello Guys . Today , Ms. LiLy as a Founder of Findora will directly answer questions from members of the Master Coin group and sharing information plan, upcoming Findora exchange targets.

Before starting AMA, I will briefly disseminate Mastercoin’s AMA plan with Findora.

Part 1: It will be 5 minutes so that Lily can briefly introduce herself as well as Findora.

Part 2: Lily will answer 5 best questions chosen by Master Coin.

Part 3: We will move to the Findora group for implementation. You have the right to ask questions directly and Lily will choose the 5 best questions to answer.

So you have clear the plan yet? @lily52099

Lily : Yes

Wuan Zu : Okay niceee
So could you please introduce yourself as well as about the Findora to everyone ? ^^

Lily : My name is Lily Chao. I am the founder of Findora. I am a young entrepreneur and investor active in Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific Rim. — I have a track record of investing in early stage businesses and advise growth stage compnaies for privatization, M&A and SPAC both in the US and in Asia Pacific. I always seek to disrupt and improve legacy businesses, as opposed to following their lead. I view myself as an original thinker, along with John Powers, we devised the strategic and product vision of Findora Foundation. With one foot in Silicon Valley and another in the broader Asia-Pacific rim, I am proud that I see the ways technology can create real world solutions across all corners of the globe. My strength is to put together teams of well rounded engineers, cryptographers, marketers, financiers and to push the go-to-the-market play! In my leisure time, I am a big fan of cooking, shopping and off-roading.

Findora is a globally trusted financial infrastructure, owned and democratically secured by a decentralized network of worldwide organizations and economically incentivized parties. Findora was created to enable the creation of financial services that are transparently operated while preserving user and institutional privacy. Created by a team of Stanford academics and entrepreneurs, including John Powers, former CEO of Stanford’s USD $25 billion endowment fund, Findora will be accessible to anyone in the world, whether individuals, small and medium enterprises, or industry giants. Our team has extensive collaboration with leading cryptographers in the world and our comprehensive cryptography library includes implementation of state of the art Zero Knowledge Proofs such as Plonk, Bulletproofs an Supersonic. For more information, visit www.findora.org.

Findora is being operated by a decentralized network of operators. But the software stack can also be deployed and operated by a variety of interoperable networks. It can be used by a traditional bank to replace the infrastructure they currently run on, deployed in the cloud, or It is a platform for issuing assets of any nature, including cryptocurrency. Findora’s mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases. One of the primary challenges is providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency and public accessibility of other blockchains. Achieving this privacy-preserving transparency is Findora’s major focus and product differentiation.

Wuan Zu :
yep, a great profile and I really admire your efforts to be more awesome. 👍

Thanks for your very detailed answer, Lily ☺️

Lily : My pleasure!

Wuan Zu : So in order not to lose much more time, we will proceed to Part 2 with 5 best questions chosen by Master Coin team.

Are you ready, Lily?

Lily : yep

Wuan Zu :

Question 1. Can you briefly explain how the Top milestones that the Findora team aims to execute before the end of this year or going to execute in future, will help them succeed and What Findora may look like in 2021 and beyond?
User question:

Lily :

Our main amilestones so far: 1. invented a very unique DAO, DeFi fund management system that support privacy preserving asset operations voting/onchain governmence. We believe such blockchain based organizations will change the world; 2. be responsible for discovering one of the most efficient trustless Zero Knowledge Proofs systems; 3. has built an entirely new blockchain based on the newest ADS technologies from the ground up purely using Rust + WASM; 4. completed one of the world’s most comprehensive cryptography libraries- ZEI. Planning for end of this year/next year! — — Launching mainnet! We are ready to go!!! Talking about 2021, we believe the market will be super and it is very important for us to roll out the tools and building blocks to accelerate DeFi. We will have confidential cross chain liquidity bridging, Dark Pool Dex, L2 liquidity mining, privacy preserving stable coin and ZK Rollup out!

Wuan Zu :
wow, that’s a pretty cool plan and it will definitely have a positive impact on the community in the future. 😉👍

Lily : We are thrilled to contribute!

Wuan Zu :

Question 2. Will Findora support yield farming and staking? The hot new term in crypto is “YIELD FARMING”. Why did this get so hot right now? Do you have a plan to develop the Yeild Farming system?
User question: @Stne7196

Lily :

Yes of course! yield farming is a way to put crypto temporarily at the disposal of some DEFI startup applications and earns its owner more cryptocurrency of the applications. It’s a smart way to aggregate liquidity and bootstrap a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). By yield farming, the users not only earn fixed income or fees, but also gain “equity” of the application. We have designed a complete set of tools for building the yield farming mechanism. Our stack is based on confidentiality and high scalibility. So you can imagine the protocols are secure and efficient and will support anonymous voting etc.

Wuan Zu : I personally would suggest to carefully choose the protocols to use. They are not equally secure.

I really appreciate that! 👍👍

Lily : Sure

Wuan Zu :

Question 3. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold $FIND long term? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?
User question: @Munoz4287

Lily :

There are a lot of benefits. Our Findora token is the ultimate representation of the utilities on Findora blockchain. Our token economics is designed by experts in game theory, computer network economy and financial engineering. The goal is to make sure the token will directly reflect the growth of the network and the aggregated asset scale on the network while keeping reasonable scarcity. In addition to the common use cases of the tokens such as staking, gas fee, block creation rewards etc, such tokens are also being required for L2 liquidity mining, asset pooling, deployment of commercial applications and side ledgers, and more. For instance, the enterprises that deploy side ledgers for multi-party supply chain finance, trade financing, equity swap trading and KYC menegement will be required to pledge our system tokens. The tokens will also be used for running ZK Rollup nodes to share the revenue. We will try our best to make it as hot and sought after as an LV essential bag!

Wuan Zu :
Haha, I am increasingly impressed with Lily’s enthusiasm about how to upgrade the value of FIND tokens.😁

Hopefully, Findora team will reach the milestones as planned so that FIND can reach the moon in the coming months.👍😊

Lily :

We are working hard!

Wuan Zu :

Question 4. What’s the end goal for your financing strategy? And How are you mitigating risk?
User question: @ZZZuniga33215

Lily :

Interesting question! Our financing strategy serves our vision and strategic goal. Findora envision a global decentralized financial infrastructure. It is democratically managed, fair and evenly accessible. To achieve such goals, a well designed financing strategy will make sure the Findora tokens are distributed as expected and pave the foundation to a global infrastructure. We want to make sure the financing activity is inclusive and compliant. We want to make sure it is even with a healthy mixture of community users, developers, institutions, and orgnazations representing many jurisdictions, demographics, industries and cutures.

This is also a very good risk mitigation strategy.

Findora Foundation itself, as a decentralized community, also works with all constituents to grow the intrinsic value and utilities of our digital assets. This is the ultimate risk mitigation plan!.

Wuan Zu :

Well, thank you very much Lily for the very detailed answer, hopefully it will help the members understand more about how Findora endeavors to manage risk. 😊

So we will come to Part 2’s final question, Lily

Question 5. Why should we have a $FIND token for the farm, how will it work and how can I participate in it?
User question: @rmer1

Lily : Farm for yield farming?

Cool. So Findora token is similar to ETH. It will play the role of base coin in many yield farming use cases: as the staking asset, the collateral, the liqudity intermedia and more, in addition to gas. So basically you cant farm FIND, but you use FIND to fuel a lot of your farming adventures. We designed a lot of use cases that will allow users to stake/deposit/lock FIND to earn interest and derivative tokens. Everyone can participate.

Wuan Zu :

Wow, so cool . Findora could be the best platform to replace Ethereum in the future guys. 😉

So we have finished Part 2 with 5 great questions. Thanks very much for taking the time to answer the question in a very convincing way, Lily. 👍😘

Lily :
In the future, you may receive your salary on Findora but no once can check the numbers.

Hansen Adkins :
1. What future developments for Findora , in your opinion, will be the most attractive for large companies and organizations?

Lily :

We have a lot of interaction with large companies and organizations. We understand they wanted to embrace new technology but fear the risk; they want control, instead of decentralization. We developed a sound enterprise blockchain solution, a hybrid architecture based on Verifiable Computation Framework. So they can have their own deployments (we call subnetworks) while they can still interoperate with the public blockchain and realize transaction state notary and cross-chain value transfer. The convenience, the sense of security and the scalability are very attractive to them.

Shabbir Husain :
2. The two most common cryptographic techniques used by findora are “Zero-knowledge proof” and “multi party computation” can you explain how this techniques work and their functions in Findora Platform..

Lily :

he two most common cryptographic techniques used by findora are “Zero-knowledge proof” and “multi party computation” can you explain how this techniques work and their functions in Findora Platform.. — ZKP is a techique or a cryptographic statement that prove a quickly verifiable statement without revealing any details beyond the statement itself. MPC, is a protocol where the participating parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping those inputs private.

It is a bit counter-intuitive how they work. We have a lot of cryptographers working on such mathematical algorithms.

They have very powerful use cases on open P2P networks, which blockchain is one of.

For instance, ZKP produces proofs of transactions on the blockchain so the nodes can check the integrity of the TRXs without knowing the transaction content.

MPC is more useful when 2> parties need to blindly share the result of certain computation with inputs from all of them.

such as auction and lottery mechanisms in some DEXs.

Shabbir Husain :
3. One of the benefits of blockchain is the transparency that exists in each transaction, which is clearly visible to everyone, as Findora is totally private, will it not bring reliability problems for users and possible duplications or scam?

Lily :

One of the benefits of blockchain is the transparency that exists in each transaction, which is clearly visible to everyone, as Findora is totally private, will it not bring reliability problems for users and possible duplications or scam? — Findora is transparent too. But we have transparency with privacy. Transactions might not be visible to everyone (99.9999% of world’s transactions are not and should not be visible to everyone, are they?) , but the zero knowledge proofs of these transactions can be verified by anyone to make sure transactions are true.

Its reliability is guaranteed by cryptography. The ZKP has rigid verification process, making duplicating, manipulating and altering NOT possibe

♦ Hippocratic Oath :

4. ⭐️ Where does the project name come from? and What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Lily :

Findora name came from one brain storming session wthin our team. The name is crispy, clear and hard to mis-pronounce under most languages. So most of our team members like it. It does not have a specific meaning when it was born. But some of my friends joked Findora means opening the Pandora box of Finance.

♦ Shabbir Husain :

5. What makes the Findora project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

♦ Lily :

There are a lot of things that set us apart including technology, product, problems we solve and the team and the market strategy. But I wanted to focus on the technology and product: Findora represnts the cutting edge of the blockchain technology: we are aiming to bring breakthrough to Web 3.0 rather than incremental improvements. The probelms we solve and the technology we use make us unique: we use a variety of the newest trustless and efficient zero knowledge proof techniques to bring efficient confidential/anonymous asset operations/transactions to an open blockchain; we use the similar technology to create confidential identity and credential for open blockchains; we use the best in the class zkSNARKS to create optimized ZK Rollup services to help scale up the entire blockchain sphere; we innovatively use a variety of authenticated data structures to make a highly efficient new blockchain.

I don’t think anyone else is getting that far as we are.

Wuan Zu :

okayy. So we had an interesting conversation. 😊

So before we officially end this session, do you have something to share into the community?

♦ Lily :

We will have a lot of nice things to announce in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned! And I wish you a nice Sunday!


Wuan Zu :

Thank you very much for joining the AMA session with Master Coin. Everyone should join Findora’s Telegram channel to keep up with the latest news. 😉

Here is Findora link telegram group guys 👍

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